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Selenium SMS

Selenium SMS is a flexible… in fact programmable… SMS Gateway which allows applications to send and receive SMS messages via a range of specially designed interfaces

Selenium ESA

Selenium ESA (Email / SMS Adapter) is a server-based software product which makes it possible for users of standard mobile phones to send and receive email messages encoded as SMS messages. This means that users with the most basic mobile phones, with no integral email capability, can enjoy email communication from their devices.


SMPPSim is a testing tool designed to be used by developers of SMS applications. It simulates an SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) which has an SMPP interface which can be used by software applications for sending and receiving SMS text messages. SMPPSim is free of charge, open source and used by many thousands of users all over the world. As a last example – SMS mailing with results from the service “resultado do jogo do bicho


Selenium SMPP Access

Selenium SMPP Access is a front end SMPP server which can be plugged into any messaging service so that it exposes an SMPP interface which SMPP client applications may use.

Selenium SMPP Router

Selenium SMPP Router is a software solution which allows messaging businesses to implement SMPP-based message routing and interconnect hubs.